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Yangshuo's Green Lotus Hotel (Yangshuo Bilian Jiangjing Dajiudian) lies at the foot of Green Lotus Peak on the banks of the beautiful Li River. It is just a hop,  skip and jump from Yangshuo's popular,  historic West Street and close to the ancient Fu'an Wharf.
From the hotel,  guests enjoy views over the plaza below where performances of the world-famous'Impression of Sanjie Liu" are staged.[View Detail]     

住客评论 2311条评论     4.3分/5分 更多
  • lulu880520
    Feeling is by far the best hotel here, the tour more
  • e03585303
    And we think it's great
  • xiexie
    That's good
  • Lemeson
    Very good, very dry cleans
  • Ivian
    Early opening of five-star hotels in Yangshuo, Lijiang River on the edge of distance very close to West Street, out of convenience. room facilities good, clean and tidy, only some of the slightly older, employee services are also good. a comparison for an enjoyable stay you.
  • aisss
    Hardware standard, employee training is also in place, front desk service was good!
  • mia8172
    Hotel condition is pretty good in all aspects, also has a gym, swimming pool, free bikes to ride, but breakfast is not included, don't know if it's characteristic of Yangshuo
  • da_luo1
    On the edge of the Lijiang River, the location was excellent, Hotel Welcome drinks, and bike, nice
  • jinxu123
    Price is not high. This restaurant is a lot of group tourists will be staying at the hotel, breakfast is full of groups, was very noisy, breakfast was very, very disappointing. We chose the Deluxe, entered the room and found a landscape is in the middle of the two, just slightly to the rear of the Riverview, not worth it, much more expensive prices without a real river views. The convenient location, near to West Street-wandering past fun! To be clean.
  • copolymer
    Very good, good location, good service
  • e00792683
    Hotel location is good, room is clean, the hotel's restaurant and taste very good, highly recommended!
  • foboovip
    Very old, even the four-star hotel facilities are not
  • AmyLu1978
    Taste so bad, a sour taste, totally not worth the price
  • mixueer9964
    Will stay there again
  • camel
    Environment supporting good location
  • niniyt_
    Area Center Hotel
  • e02668070
    Hotel all facilities very good, next to certain Ta.
  • E00227707
    Nice, Zambia?
    No child facilities
  • xiaogouroyurou
    Room facilities good, bed is comfortable. location away from West Street somewhat far. service special poor! 1:30 to of, cannot staying. said also to, a hours do clean, and said ahead of do also to a hours, finished also to check and so on. day hotel network out has problem, room card cannot door, let waiter to open, in corridor, has ten minutes also didn't see people to, front desk has been perfunctory speaking has. last also is to front desk find has a waiter with up open of. so-called Riverview is has a aM looks like a balcony to see a river.
  • E05667779
    An old hotel in very good
  • Lisa0712
    Is a bit old, much better than 13 years old, felt worth the price now. can compare some of West Street, the newly opened hotel prices are also more cost-effective, more cost-effective.
  • coffee_l
    First, a little surprise; free upgrade to Riverview. next was told that swimming pool water cannot be used, daughter unhappy. next is a scared; came back from outside, door and saw a big cockroach crawled along the floor, knocked in five-star hotels for the first time to see this! just living one day!
  • llllllllllll
    Very good
  • beyondtsjuan
    Unique Riverview Hotel, is located in the foot of green Lotus peak, is the so-called green Lotus peak in the family
  • Eva018
    Beautiful, very clean, will stay again!
  • footballo
    River view just a glimmer of the river
  • fgycpa
    Good, fairly good value for money, next time will stay
  • cuipeng221
    Local is good, is feeling a little old.
  • lesleylu1981
    Hotel is located in the city centre, 500 metres away from West Street, room very clean, service is good! is that breakfast is not included in the price is a bit high!
  • yj86822919
    Hotel is definitely top of Yangshuo. only regret is that my room is House one room, a door leads to the next room, while the door was locked, but according to the five-star hotel standard is still a little small shadow......,
  • fengbeyond
    Guilin's stuffy mansion hotel room before lock all the Windows do not open do not know why, and I Jiang Jingfang no river, the hotel air rooms and sanitation can also, Hotel pictures can not find it, book 3 Jiang Jingfang River is about exercise early in the morning a bit noisy
  • emmaisaboy
    This hotel in Yangshuo is good, from West Street, not far from the impression Liu sanjie, the key is a clean swimming pool at the hotel, it's a children's favorite. the hotel also provides children with their small cup, very intimate. highly recommended!, accompanied by smaller partners did not want to eat breakfast, breakfast is not understood.
  • e01406234
    Good location, few minutes walk to West Street, surrounding what is convenient, deluxe room with river view can see the scenery at night to sleep quiet and should be the best hotel in Yangshuo, is no breakfast is a little strange, but fine to eat around a lot, recommended
  • dondon_119
    Price is extremely low, 90 midnight cutting ceramic tile, the service is terrible!
  • lieren605
    Show Riverview room, price, special note to rooms facing the River, results of the so-called 'River view' there is only one angle can be seen a small piece of the Lijiang River Ford! ' Wi-Fi 'no, call the front desk, said maintenance! result did not enjoy proper treatment, worth it! and very close to West Street is not! do not match the hotel amenities and five-star, old, not recommended! value is too low!
  • orangeami
    Friend very satisfied!
  • boise
    Riverview is not worthy of the other good
  • lufeng217
    Nice, very nice
  • eflame
    Reservation without breakfast!
  • xiaojunjun1982
    Location of the hotel in the center of Yangshuo, is 5 minutes walk to West Street, facilities and environment of the hotel is very good, very suitable for holiday stay, highly recommend it.
  • E00911020
    Which is very nice
  • e03311601
    Perfect, breakfast was too expensive
  • andy_miao
    Good location, good hotel services, facilities support
  • amber19860406
  • ColeLee
    5th floor, new and change but second night the room to smoke on the third floor is very large. 1th floor, older, and about eight in the morning the guests check out aunt out of the hearing room shouting, wake us. 5 star was the waiter's attitude over?, accommodation is Samsung, the environment still needs to be improved.
  • sudan7931
  • e00023786
    Hotel is nice, balcony is Riverview
  • gy831252000
    Pretty good-just not for breakfast-the Chinese new year holiday has risen a lot
  • fm1998
    Oh, just, lots, price is not very high.