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Yangshuo's Green Lotus Hotel (Yangshuo Bilian Jiangjing Dajiudian) lies at the foot of Green Lotus Peak on the banks of the beautiful Li River. It is just a hop,  skip and jump from Yangshuo's popular,  historic West Street and close to the ancient Fu'an Wharf.
From the hotel,  guests enjoy views over the plaza below where performances of the world-famous'Impression of Sanjie Liu" are staged.[View Detail]     

住客评论 2018条评论     4.3分/5分 更多
  • baxiladexue
    Great location
  • e00389465
    No breakfast, good!
  • freepesu
    Comfortable hotel, room facilities are good, live very comfortable-
    Best hotels in Yangshuo, suitable for family holiday, great dishes in a Chinese restaurant, super delicious beer fish, next to Yangshuo must be selected here, kids love this hotel so much.
  • coolinside
    Good location to West Street, just 5 minutes walk, clean well, no small animals, terrace facing the River, is very beautiful, the staff attitude good facilities.
  • liyancey
    Hotel facilities, we live in a sea view room, because there is no common rooms, over more than 700 to pay the price, no breakfast, see our room no sea view, lived at 2/f, no view at all, it doesn't pay, pay the expensive price, but to ordinary room
  • e00015581
    Hotel location was good
  • Somerset
    Is said to be good
  • aisss
    Hardware standard, employee training is also in place, front desk service was good!
  • wing3141124
    Relative price, maybe this is it. praise provided plenty of mineral water.
  • eva_xw
    Helping people, as well
  • country_mouse
    Hotel is good, but relative to the heart of a five-star is better than no, Yangshuo is a resort, hotel one more towel health is not very clean and the like, because I'm allergic rhinitis, as long as there is a little bit dirty, my allergic rhinitis will attack.
  • eflame
    Reservation without breakfast!
  • m00201509
    Hotel yard, core location, away from West Street, Lijiang River is close to the theatre, silver rock, xingping port road is also very good.
  • dj1008
    Very good, but if Long He went to ride the raft, the Jiang Jingfang really has nothing to do!
  • A-N-Y
    Service good, has asked will answer, not perfunctory. but gift of health drinks since is didn't gas of coke and non-fresh squeezed of orange juice, these is health drinks did, also is drunk has. set of is Riverview room, window is a is partial of see King angle, requirements room, hotel active tie, but Riverview room no positive Riverview, unless upgrade luxury Riverview room, I also recognize has. overall, live of is comfortable of, room distribution has chairs and double people sofa, is spacious.
  • countrylo
    Hotel in Yangshuo Town Center, is near from the West Street, rooms are small, so, no five-star standards, but value for money can be, and convenient transportation.
  • peanutdog
    Hotel old!
  • d03557466
    Very general
  • coldboy521
    Rooms facing the river wonderful. just give us are clearly separated by a suite of rooms, noise is so bad, did not inform means the hotel, of sorts.
  • melleo
    Very satisfied with the accommodation, and as good as my description!
  • lp198816
    Hotel environment is good, location also good, on in Lijiang River side Shang, away from West Street is near, out has hotel to right walk not to 10 minutes on to has. set of is Riverview room, room also with small balcony, can is comfortable of appreciate landscape, staying Hotel Hou also free provides a times bike rental. room facilities also good, service or, only not is satisfaction of is nearly 900 of prices not containing early, General evaluation also good, worth recommended.
  • travling
    Best hotels in Yangshuo
  • libra~
    Nice hotel near West Street, very quiet, and clause is the Riverview room, in the room you can see the beauty ... great!
  • e02668070
    Hotel all facilities very good, next to certain Ta.
  • niniyt_
    Area Center Hotel
  • tg111
  • gxd9783
    Hotel five star cleaning is really have to ask a guest room or large
  • lonelytrip
    Two years ago, rooms at the feel good so choose it again this time, but this time the rooms next door every day eight more knock almost a nervous breakdown
  • Aaronwu1979
    Hotel very good!, and check out quickly, staff very good.
  • liyanwei007
    Good breakfast and convenient.
  • adelepx
    Hotel lobby was very stylish, but to be honest, the price a little expensive, we carry your bag go very far, and did not see Porter in the hotel welcomes guests to help take things, no one pushed him into the room, time to drive for a long time to find my room a bit
  • maple_2500
    Think River view no use, common room
  • e00060170
    A new five-star hotel, location is convenient, is located in Yangshuo town centre, with a swimming pool. children play nice, to all of the attractions are very easy, will stay again.
  • candyliu1
    Hotel location is very good, from the impression Liu sanjie show close, hugs the shuttle is convenient.
  • dongmali
    Quiet, clean, balcony and terrace are very good, walking down West Street 6, 7 minutes, very convenient
  • Fion22
    Landscape, facilities are not up to five stars, I really do not know how to comment on the five-star
  • gj Xin
    Do not come for several years, the facility is old, the service also can't keep up with. the front desk service was very good.
  • e03499366
    Well in the lobby, but the decoration of the room is a bit old, is a veteran five-star hotels, there are many offers to send, but no breakfast. friendly, did not check himself into rounds, beverage volume was sent after checkout, limit ll also points to, sincerely service can't keep up
  • freyayi
    Location very close to West Street, the door also has a lot of restaurants are convenient. the hotel is on the edge of Lijiang River and green Lotus peak, natural scenery beautiful. within the hotel a bit around, but signs are clear, staying at suggested room can remind tenants in a building at the front desk. room room was very complete.
  • AndyMaoSD
    Which is very nice
  • seagulls
    So so.
  • bobo1luo
    Prices are a little expensive, Deluxe landscape in General, cost is not high
  • vanessalun
    It wasn't too bad
  • yoyoandlandy
    Good location, West Street for about 10 minutes-Zaventem, NAO quiet because selection Hao Chinese landscape room, larger than the General view, good Field of view (General view room balcony because inclined, not all can see the landscape), swimming pool landscape, facilities such as the gym is great, arranged Yangshuo stay two days, .
  • E05667779
    An old hotel in very good
  • caily
    General location, five-star facilities are fully equipped
  • MM1080709988
    Like, compared with other five star seems almost
  • globaltrading
    This hotel is the best hotel of Yangshuo, most of the rooms have River, on the balcony in the morning watching from afar, seemed to forget all the troubles behind. the hotel is not far from West Street, walk about ten minutes of way, next time will stay at this hotel in Yangshuo.
  • beengo
    Nice hotel with convenient. are clean ... will stay again.