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Yangshuo's Green Lotus Hotel (Yangshuo Bilian Jiangjing Dajiudian) lies at the foot of Green Lotus Peak on the banks of the beautiful Li River. It is just a hop,  skip and jump from Yangshuo's popular,  historic West Street and close to the ancient Fu'an Wharf.
From the hotel,  guests enjoy views over the plaza below where performances of the world-famous'Impression of Sanjie Liu" are staged.[View Detail]     

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  • fangxw708
    Good place, good hotels, have the opportunity to live the
  • old_gay
    Class class
  • Ammyya
    Nice, quiet, comfortable and good air.
  • ljs168
    Yang Shuojing is very beautiful, full of commercial atmosphere! hotel location very good! this price really isn't worth! washbasin, bathtub very dirty!
  • crufo
    The so-called four stars have never lived in such poor, see tone of the so-called five star, 30-degree day, winter's thick quilt, air conditioning was not working, open with a motor on your head is humming! there is no apology, housekeeping, said it is engineering problem, why don't you two departments on behalf of the two hotels?
  • moreaug
    Environmental health services are good. especially the swimming pool water clean and personalized service ... the only bad hotels are so expensive and no breakfast
  • bone cell
    Good, very good, believe the opportunity will see again!
  • jlp_p
    Yangshuo best of hotel, lobby is has momentum, room is warm, has a garden terrace, in that sit, drink Cup coffee see Lijiang River views really good. If summer to on better has, can side swimming side appreciate beautiful of landscape. waiter is enthusiasm, see are greeted. check out Shi see they in advisory guest on hotel views, also gift has gift, Hey, why I no? strong push... Next time give me gifts
  • carriecy2008
    Is a relatively new hotel, location is convenient, is located in Yangshuo, much more expensive than similar hotels in Guilin, breakfast variety, not much. swimming pools 1.3 meters deep and play to children in General.
  • m00201509
    Hotel yard, core location, away from West Street, Lijiang River is close to the theatre, silver rock, xingping port road is also very good.
  • cl198107
    Location is the center of Yangshuo, and left the old title of Yangshuo, Lijiang River in the front ... price is little expensive,
  • liangstr
    Room is too poor, bathroom shower of calculations, leaving all the water does not go down, three star hotels as well, so you
  • panxiaod
    Best hotels in Yangshuo, condition is pretty good, five-star standard. good location, good services. pool maintenance, and the child likes
  • congj
    Hotel is good, on the Li River, near West Street, convenient! health good! Nice! the only satisfaction is, suddenly ran out of water in the shower, surprise! five-star hotels have this.
  • genera
    Very dissatisfied. I can't sleep well, my husband has high expectations for the hotel, so we booked the hotel in Yangshuo is said to be the best, did not think; 1. spend 520 Yang Shuoding of the so-called five-star hotel, rooms are small, supporting poor facilities, not like a five-star deluxe. 2. reading XI Jie, Liu San Jie shopping back at 11 o'clock in the evening, found that there was no hot water, the front desk called the repairman to fix it, maintenance personnel respond to fix, and the formerTaiwan contact room, can front desk said only standard between double bed room can for to we, we didn't agreed, no luxury room for standard between of truth, hanging has phone Hou was more than 10 minutes are no any feedback, again call to front desk, front desk actually and I repeat said a again is what situation. six minutes Hou a Manager looks called ROGER of people and with has two a maintenance personnel to repair, maintenance personnel also and we wrangling said is we not let repair, we not let you repair, you how reply we repairBad does? at has midnight 12 points, Manager looks of people also let we, maintenance personnel repair, attitude is perfunctory, second days also to You Yulong River drifting, we impossible unlimited period of, maintenance Ah, also not active of to we room, just said has room on for, didn't room also didn't approach. too irritating has, but had has ten minutes on fix has, I let maintenance personnel please that bit Manager looks of people came, last also didn't came. this service attitude also can is five-star did? is let consumptionChilling. 3. to night has a quiet of environment we specially to has not by road of room, didn't thought we of room just in Hotel KTV near (may is upstairs or downstairs), night 11:30 of when also in singing, playing front desk phone, said is KTV12 points end, they no approach intervention. 12 points more water to has wash finished bath sleep in bed Shang, KTV also in singing, and playing front desk phone, told also to sing 10 minutes. resistance with patience until 12:30 is the end of the song, physically and emotionally exhausting. cancel plans to dragon river rafting the next day. 4. Liu sanjie end Hou we wants to in hotel coffee's break rest drink points things again upstairs, probably at nine o'clock, may compared late has? waiter trapped has? we in coffee's sat has a will are no waiter to greeted we, waiter on station in cashier see has we a eye and station in place see with distance, we only walk 15 minutes to details shopping has shopping, drink points things. 5. Managing chaos. tired one night while they were sleeping in the morning we had a waiter your credit card into our room and found it was hurriedly shut out after. I wake after sleep is very poor, could not sleep any more. In short, whether it is hardware or software services, and prices do not match, very worth it, it is recommended that you do not spend money on gas.
  • bsb_xjf
    Overall satisfaction, also will stay
  • land010
    Service standards need to be improved at the front desk, no initiative to say hello, didn't smile. installations in good, unfortunately, swimming pool water punk feel, when restaurants are empty. room is still relatively large.
  • gxd9783
    Hotel five star cleaning is really have to ask a guest room or large
  • Davidguo12
    Yangshuo's lungs, a beautiful environment, complete facilities, excellent service, highly recommended!
  • coco.cui
    The room feels old, very poor sound insulation, check check out waiter less than 8 points in the morning, the radio very loudly.
  • jiems
    This is near the top of the hotel, is the elevators rarely turn ten turn eight.
  • fionlsa
    Hotel facilities are complete, we live on the first floor by the pool room is a balcony in the room pool, swimming is very convenient, hotel staff is also polite. hotel not far from the West.
  • Angel Chi Chi
    Yangshuo, is indeed the best hotel service at its best
  • Loveonly
    It wasn't too bad
  • amyguan77
    Very good
  • leean777
    Location of the hotel, there is an underground car park. in Yangshuo rare. recommends increased afternoon dining service.
    Is the best hotel in very convenient location of the hotel's local food tastes good because when it rains from the hotel back to Guilin Yang Shuobao car service
  • evelyn_52
    Room was very clean and tidy
  • Brabus
    A lot of mosquitos
  • m00171015
    Services in General, does not meet five-star standards, the environment is good.
  • lauraw108
    A very good environment, very satisfying.
  • asdf1098
    Satisfied with the location, hotel very nice
  • meirenru
    Great location, clear Auto Washlet, West Street, a few minutes walk to ... next time you stay at this
  • caoyang1717
    Deluxe set, super good mood wakes up in the morning to see the King
  • abin19800
    You can now check out in the morning for me canceled authorization
  • dougongyou
    Overall in General.
  • coconutcly
    Good choice, facilities, excellent service, good room.
  • forestv
    Not offered drinks and bicycle ticket, asking that the hair out at the front desk, but then was sent to the room to. Hotel no shuttle bus to the North bus station, only sitting black car, as a five-star hotel should provide this basic service.
  • alting16
    Is also good.
  • e00081306
    Good location, North Station is not far from the car, and around convenience, is also close to West Street, hotel is very good, rooms clean, is a top-end hotel in Yangshuo, is not more than 80 Yuan a bit expensive breakfast variety.
  • m02757073
    It's not bad
    Very good of hotel, hotel environment is good, is located in County of Center lots, is convenient, is are without worried parking like of problem, to West Street or impression Liu sanjie are is near, set of is General room, front desk free has Riverview room, Lijiang River of beauty panoramic view, sat in Yangshuo of leisure Chair Shang appreciate landscape very comfortable. hotel also has a small garden, in restaurant eat full Hou, in small garden walking, very cool! next to also to live this.
  • superliuwr
    Good location, good environment, good traffic
  • creat
    Hotel West Street, so close that the wild around good, but rooms have mosquito
  • BeNull
    To blackout also not said a sound, to shop has only told only 21 points to second days 6:30 has electric, other period are blackout, this not rip-off did? addition since to upgrade views King room why to a put together of big bed, that also than not upgrade, communication half finally to has a formal big bed views King room, results calls a see only found sheets last what hair various hair are has obviously is quilt for has sheets didn't for of rhythm, complaints's, family contended clean has, righteously of said himself employeesClean up the mistakes, misses are good you didn't clean, there is no sense of an apology, as if we deserve to encounter this kind of thing, and we deserve to live, a door on a family at each other's throats, also cannot persuade us that this service was poor and we deserved not to hear her. drink shop is to improve services to open the door to welcome guests.
  • springgu
    Hotel is the best local bar, mosquito, there is no way, son bites, mosquitoes, water ran out last night, so large envelopes, all over, barely escaped, all swollen and traveling to Guilin, umbrella, mosquitoes, water is an essential
  • Davorgu
    Hotel is OK, service is also available, and is near from the West, the overall feeling good, after all, is the five-star!
  • babaw
    Great location, on the edge of West Street in
  • bg378
    Hotel in Yangshuo, although only the tone of the five-star, but the configuration and facilities equivalent to one or two tier four star. bad attitude of the lobby attendants, from West Street to be close overall.
  • manvillage
    Jiang Jingfang view very good, location and very good facilities, very close to West Street.