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Carte de l'hôtel

Plan de l'hotel
Green Lotus Hotel River View Yangshuo, Il est situé sous le pic de lotus vert Yangshuo à Guilin, près de la rivière Lijiang, près de la rue West.L'hôtel dispose d'un transport pratique et d'un environnement agréable.
Vous pouvez marcher sur la rive de la rivière Li sans quitter l'hôtel, à seulement 100 pas de la célèbre rue ouest, et à quelques minutes en voiture du théâtre de spectacle de paysage 'Impressions Liu Sanjie'.
L'hôtel dispose d'une salle de gym de première classe et d'une piscine extérieure pour les clients de l'hôtel;Le restaurant chinois, le restaurant occidental, le bar du Hall, le bar et le café sont des endroits idéaux pour les clients pour profiter de la nourriture gourmande.
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Hôtel FAQ
  • Quels sont les horaires d'arrivée et de départ à Green Lotus Hotel River View Yangshuo ?

    L'enregistrement s'effectue à partir de 15:00 et le départ jusqu'à 12:00 à Green Lotus Hotel River View Yangshuo.

  • L'établissement Green Lotus Hotel River View Yangshuo dispose-t-il d'une piscine et d'une salle de fitness?

    Oui, l'hôtel dispose d'une piscine et d'une salle de sport. Voir plus de détails.

  • L'établissement Green Lotus Hotel River View Yangshuo dispose-t-il un restaurant sur place ?

    Oui, vous pouvez manger à l'hôtel.

  • Green Lotus Hotel River View Yangshuo dispose-t-il d'une connexion haut débit ou Wifi?

    Oui, veuillez contacter la réception de l'hôtel pour plus de détails.

  • Green Lotus Hotel River View Yangshuo accepte-t-il le prépaiement?

    Acceptez, veuillez soumettre votre commande avant de nous contacter.

  • Green Lotus Hotel River View Yangshuo accepte-t-il les cartes de crédit?

    Non, l'hôtel n'accepte pas les cartes de crédit.

  • Combien coûte le petit déjeuner de Green Lotus Hotel River View Yangshuo?

    Petit déjeuner CNY80 / personne.

  • Quel est le tarif d'un séjour à l'établissement Green Lotus Hotel River View Yangshuo?

    Les tarifs commencent à partir de CNY731, selon le type de chambre et la date.

Commentaires Plus
  • lucindaw
    In the off-season, the hotel is relatively old, the surrounding environment is relatively good, cost-effective and convenient to travel.
  • funner2008
    It's OK. The price was a little higher on the national day. But the traffic is very convenient. It's only a 6-minute walk to West Street, and it's only a 10 minute walk to impression Liu Sanjie.
  • ff123
    Good location
  • singlefox
    Very good, satisfied
  • magen
    Good environment, high prices, incomplete facilities, average service
  • pnatsu
    Good. Oh, Mr. Tilly, did you take a break
  • jessica_921
    The best hotel in Yangshuo, breakfast is very ordinary
  • dinosaur
    Good location, only 500 meters from West Street. The room is clean and tidy, and the supporting sanitary ware has its own logo, which has a good sense of design! The only thing I don't feel good about is that it's an extra bed for free. It's an ultra short folding bed
  • l2103188
  • Andy36999
    The location is superior, with its back on Mingshan mountain and its side on Lijiang River. Very good service attitude.
  • Annielee05
    Neither software nor hardware can reach the 5-star level
  • colacow
    The room is not big, everything else is OK.
  • ang21
    It's a good hotel with complete facilities
  • e00165063
    just so so. Some services didn't keep up during the Chinese New Year!
  • CAT Temptation
    I felt it was pretty good, the service was also pretty good, the breakfast was very good
  • moonriver810125
    Five stars! Good location, close to West Street, convenient travel and beautiful river scenery! There are many delicious foods nearby. It is the center of Yangshuo town. The transportation is convenient. Many tourist groups get on and off here. Listed as a five-star hotel, but the room configuration and service level are up to four stars. I like it very much! I will choose to stay next time! Must praise!!
  • idolgo
    The best hotel in Yangshuo
  • binxie777
    The room is a little small, not worth 5 stars; Near West Street, the swimming pool is great, but the surrounding environment of the hotel is really poor.
  • bug0501
  • bluesniper792
    The facilities and environment are OK, but the price is a little expensive and breakfast is not included
  • carrie99622
    Good. Five stars are five stars
  • maitian
    Very satisfied
  • Alex23203
    The scenery of rivers and mountains is really great!!! You can rent a bike for free on weekdays! It's very close to all scenic spots, but it's quiet in the noise! There is also a direct airport bus, which is expensive ~ generally speaking, great!
  • bonny08
  • djn422
    Every time you come to Yangshuo, it's convenient to eat around and close to the West Street. It's worth recommending.
  • lei1001
    The real is not worth five stars. There are only a few so-called real river views. The rest are 45 degree river views. There is basically no river to see, and there is nothing to see. I really don't think it's worth the price. It is recommended to choose another hotel with better characteristics and affordable prices.
  • nanli1216
    The environment of the hotel is good and clean, but when we go to the hotel, we can't check in due to system problems. We rush to repair until 10 p.m. before we change the new room card. It's very troublesome to find a waiter when the old room card opens. It's suggested to improve the system. In the morning, it's too noisy for the waiter to clean the room, and the walkie talkie is too loud for people to sleep.
  • jiangjbgs
    The hotel is five-star price, three-star facilities and four-star service.
  • ljs6689
    The environment is good, the service is good, the scenery is good, the hotel is very good, it will come again in the future!
    The price is a little expensive, everything else is OK
  • my133190196892
    All my friends are very satisfied!
  • Moneycan723
    not bad
  • aplle
    And friends to Yangsuo play, online check, this is the best, without hesitation in, feel can live.
  • orieagle
    not bad
  • allenling2008
  • al199601
  • evejy
    I'm very satisfied with the environment of this hotel. It's very convenient to eat outside. I heard that this hotel is the best in the local area?
  • cjflidll
    not bad
  • coconutcly
    Very good choice, new facilities, good service attitude, good room hygiene.
  • summer5191
    on vacation
  • suncui1975
    It's very convenient to go to the West Street. The room can see the Lijiang River, but it's too noisy in the morning. The terrace and swimming pool are good.
  • e01619243
    The location, facilities, environment and sanitation of the hotel are very good. The waiters are also very enthusiastic when looking for parking spaces. There are two shortcomings in my personal experience: first, most of the rooms don't include breakfast. I don't know whether it's because of the good business of the Dragon Boat Festival or not; Second, the hot water problem of bathing is more prominent. The temperature of hot water is not enough. It can only reach the level of warm water. It is not good to bathe children in summer.
  • lisayang0129
    In general, the cost performance is not high. Let's wait until more than two o'clock in the afternoon. The child still had an accident in the hotel room and broke his head. The hotel sofa should be close to the wall, but it's still a large part empty, which is a hidden danger
  • e00253373
    Good, good location, and a small balcony with a view of the river.
  • yifusen
    not bad
  • lynnye1616
    Quite satisfied
  • Miss L
    The location is relatively good, close to the river, you can see the scenery, near the pedestrian street, the room is general, there is no ventilation in the bathroom, breakfast is not included, the price is relatively general.
  • cloudsang
    Good environment, clean, the price is a little expensive
  • a63990881
    Good environment, comfortable room, good service
  • bg1dfj
    The service responds quickly, but the hardware is a little old. After check-in, the construction sound is loud in the afternoon, and the TV can't be turned on at night. There is no other choice in Yangshuo
  • ming139
    Okay, okay... My friend said it was good
  • St.Aragon
    The service is poor, the hygiene is even worse, there are nails beside the bed, and you get hurt when you arrive! The hotel attendant came and took a look at pulling out the nail and said it was over to send a plate of fruit! Ah... Speechless!
  • gdsax
    The river view is not obvious. However, the food in the restaurant is better than that of the eldest sister and master outside. It tastes good and the price is reasonable.
  • alice9001
    It's not up to the five-star standard, but it's said to be the best locally. The sanitation is not bad. Breakfast was bad... The hardware is not up to standard
  • Jasmine_0816
    Very good environment, close to mountains and rivers, pleasant scenery. If you go again next time, you will still live here. I like it and give it high praise!
  • muyou022
    The location and environment of the hotel are good. There is a swimming pool beside the Lijiang River, but the price is high, but there is no breakfast. It's a pity.
  • billm
    Very good. It's very close to the Lijiang River. You can see the scenery of Lijiang river when you come out of the restaurant downstairs.
  • lulum0311
    The hotel can be said to be the best hotel in Yangshuo. The location is obvious and the facilities are good. It is recommended to stay
  • cxl Hiu Lai Cong
    The hotel is located in the center of Yangshuo County, close to the West Street, not far from Shili gallery and impression Third Sister Liu. The hotel service is good, but the shape of the room is not good and the light is insufficient.
  • nmin0809
    The environment of the hotel is good. There is a swimming pool for children. The children have a good time. They also give soft drinks. They borrow bicycles for free to ride to Yinyan special line and Chunji roast goose. I'll stay next time.
  • amyguan77
    very nice
  • meirenru
    Good location, clean. Walk to West Street for a few minutes. I'll stay here next time
  • e03499366
    The lobby of the hotel is good, but the room decoration is a little old. It's an old five-star hotel. There are many discounts, but there is no breakfast. The waiter's attitude was average. He went into the room and made rounds before checking out. He gave the beverage roll after checking out. He could only use it after a limited time. The sincere service couldn't keep up with him
  • roy1037
    nice hotel, very clean and handy to the hot spots. There are a number of good resturants around, highly recommand
  • E00227707
    Hotel environment is good, like a????
  • jumin
    OK, but the electric cooker is too dirty
  • E members of Dragon spit
    The hotel is located near the West Street, which is very convenient and convenient. It has a swimming pool for fitness and will stay next time.
  • xiaojunjun1982
    The hotel is located in the center of Yangshuo. It takes only 5 minutes to walk to the West Street. The hotel's facilities and environment are very good. It is very suitable for vacation. It is highly recommended.
  • Dannyl
  • feng0lei123
    The hotel has a view of the river. It's about ten minutes away from West Street. It's OK on the whole. The five-star price is a little expensive
  • amilyjin
    1. A 1000 yuan room has no windows and has a bad smell. Can you believe it?! How dare you believe that there is no breakfast in a 1000 yuan room?! 3. The 'health drink' offered by the five-star hotel with 1000 yuan is actually pouring a small glass for you from a large sprite bottle. Can you believe it?! 4. The toilet in the 1000 yuan room is dirty and smelly. The sewer is blocked and there is no shower room. There is only a small bathtub. Can you believe it?! 5. The sound insulation effect of a 1000 yuan room is very poor. If you walk in the aisle and speak clearly, can you believe it?! To sum up, the price of chain hotel quality five-star hotel, who lives who knows, self-help tour do not choose this hotel, a room into absolute surprise. It's not worse to find an Inn by the roadside. The service attitude is also very poor. I'm very impatient with the guests. I have to wait for the room to check in at four or five o'clock, but if you want to delay more than an hour, you have to ask the manager to wait for half a day. I'm told that it's impossible. If you want to experience the quality of a one star hotel at a price of 1000 yuan, please do not hesitate to choose Bilian Jiangjing Hotel, which will never disappoint you.
  • furnotel
    The hotel is located in the city center, with convenient transportation, quiet in the middle of trouble, clean rooms and warm layout. Compared with hotels of the same grade, the hotel has a high cost performance ratio.
  • dragonsong
    The location of the hotel is very good. It is close to West Street and Lijiang River. However, the motor of the boat on Lijiang River is very loud. In addition, the road at the entrance of the hotel is crowded with cars, and the room is not 5-star, which makes it lack of a bit of holiday atmosphere
  • genera
    Very dissatisfied. I don't sleep well, and my husband has a high demand for hotels, so we reserved the best hotel in Yangshuo. I didn't expect: 1. The so-called five-star hotel in Yangshuo with 520 flowers has small rooms and poor supporting facilities. It doesn't look like a five-star luxury room. 2. After watching sister Liu's visit to the West Street, she came back to her room at 11 p.m. and found that there was no hot water. She called the front desk and asked the maintenance personnel to repair it. The maintenance personnel replied that the repair was not good and asked the front desk to contact us to change the room. But the front desk said that only the standard twin room could be changed to us. We didn't agree. There was no reason for the luxury room to change the standard room. After hanging up, there was no feedback for more than ten minutes, Call the front desk again, and the front desk asks me to repeat what happened. Six minutes later, a manager named Roger brought two more maintenance personnel to repair the car. The maintenance personnel also wrangled with us, saying that we won't let it be repaired and we won't let you repair it. How can you reply that we can't repair it? It's 12:00 in the middle of the night at this time, and the manager like people still ask us to wait for the maintenance personnel to repair it. The attitude is very perfunctory. The next day we have to swim in the Longhe River. We can't wait for the maintenance indefinitely, and we don't actively exchange rooms for us. We just say that if we have a room, we can't do without it. It was so irritating. Fortunately, it was repaired in about ten minutes. I asked the maintenance staff to invite the manager to come over, but in the end, they didn't come. Is this kind of service attitude a five-star? It's really chilling for consumers. 3. In order to have a quiet environment in the evening, we specially asked for a room away from the road. We didn't expect that our room was just near the KTV of the hotel (maybe upstairs or downstairs). At 11:30 in the evening, we were still singing. We called the front desk and said that ktv12 was over. They didn't intervene. After 12 o'clock, the water came, I took a bath and slept in bed. The KTV was still singing. I called the front desk and told him that I had to sing for 10 minutes. Patience to wait until 12:30 is the end of singing, physical and mental fatigue. The plan to drift on the Yulong River the next day was cancelled. 4. After the third sister Liu finished, we want to have a rest in the coffee bar of the hotel and have a drink. Maybe it's 9 o'clock. Maybe it's late? Is the waiter sleepy? We sat in the coffee bar for a while, but no waiter came to greet us. The waiter just stood at the cashier and looked at us, then stood in the same place and looked at the distance. We could only walk for 15 minutes to go for a stroll and a drink. 5. Management confusion. Tired all night, when we were sleeping in the morning, a waiter swiped his card into our room. When he found someone inside, he quickly closed the door and went out.I woke up with a bad sleep and couldn't sleep any more. In a word, both hardware facilities and software services do not match the price, which is very worthless. I suggest that you do not spend money to get angry.
  • stanna
    Generally speaking, it's very good. The price is a little high. It's better to apply for special price online in advance
  • toni_07